We Provide
Insights & Analytics

Set your business on a course of action – and measure the results every step of the way. With our Business Intelligence, you can create a plan based on data and track your growth. You'll clearly see where you're meeting your goals, and where to focus.

The insights from data can help managers and business owners take data-driven decisions that can improve turnaround times, efficiency and more.

Taslasoft has a team of business analysts and data visualization experts who can provide you with the visualization of data that will enable you to filter, sort and drill down your data visually.

We can help you implement data analytics software that provide rich, visual solutions that bring together data from multiple sources to show what’s really going on. We can do it simply and affordably because of our experience and knowledge of the latest tools.

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Warehouseing
  • Business Intelligence

The benefits of Business Intelligence

Set achievable plans.

Create a vision for your business that's measurable and achievable. Our Business Intelligence helps you focus on what actually matters. This focus unifies business strategy, integrates it into your digital strategy and aligns your team on a common goal.

Benchmark growth.

Stay ahead of your goals by tracking them throughout the year. You'll see progress, set against your plan's benchmarks, month-by-month. Giving you the insight to see growth obstacles before they become a real problem.

Guide strategic vision.

Spend less time, energy and money chasing the wrong areas. The added clarity from Business Intelligence gives you the information you need, when you need it. That means faster decision making with higher confidence - because your decisions are now backed by data.

  • Business Planner
  • Multiple growth models
  • Business and financial data
  • Goal tracking and measurement
  • Digital strategy integration
  • Data visualisation